Picture 359

Winners of 2013 Redlitzer Competition

Winners of 2013 Redlitzer Competition

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See HUNGER by Hazel Barker. An excerpt from my Memoir ‘Heaven Tempers the Wind. Story of a War Child.’

8 responses to “Redlitzer

  1. Hazel the pictures of you receiving the award are lovely. What a buzz! I would love to read your prize winning story but have been unable to find it.


  2. I have a spare copy of the anthology. I’ll bring a copy for you at our next meeting. Hazel


  3. Robyn Haynes

    Unfortunately I’m working that day Hazel. Hope to see you perhaps in December if there’s anything on.


    • Don’t think the libraries will have anything on in December, Robyn, but I’m sure we’ll both be busy with Christmas parties. Will you be going to the Tweed Heads Orchid Show? We thought of going, but have 2 bus trips else where with our Clubs and expect to be far too busy.


  4. Hi Hazel, I may miss the orchid show which is disappointing. The work I have is a block of ten days without a break ( if I last the distance!). My daughter really wants to go because it was so good last time. Oh well, maybe next year. So good to stay in touch though.


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