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Review of ‘My China Mystery’

My China Mystery by Marion Andrews

Author’s Blurb.
Frank and Ella White’s passion was to touch the people of China. They met while working for the China Inland Mission in the nineteen forties, seeking to take the Gospel to a culture steeped in idol worship.
But their work was cut short and they were forced to flee.
In later years Frank rarely spoke of his time in China. It was only when he died that his daughter, Marion Andrews, discovered a treasure-trove of photos with accounts of his time there. These photos, combined with his prayer letters, uncovered the mystery of her parents’ work in pre-Communist China.
My China Mystery will take you on a journey into another time and culture, as Frank and Ella White take the name of Jesus to a people in need. As Marion discovers her history in China and receives the honours of a war hero for his work in China, the mystery is revealed.

Review by Hazel Barker

The author uses her journalistic skills to produce an interesting book on her parents, based on family photographs, diaries and correspondence between her father and his family, and his colleagues.
My China Mystery describes her father’s work in China – in God’s army of disciples as well as in the British army. The book interested me particularly as I’ve been researching my uncle’s life, during World War Two. He served as a member of the Friends’ Ambulance Unit, during the London blitz and in Yunnan, China in the final spasm of the war.
Marion Andrews has done extensive research and weaves it seamlessly into the story. The only flaw I found in the book was an error in the map, showing the position of Mandalay. That town is in the centre of Burma and not where indicated. Despite this, I would recommend My China Mystery to all those interested in broadening their knowledge of other countries and learning about the hardships and sufferings endured by missionaries while promoting the Lord’s Word.

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