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God’s Panoply by Anne Hamilton, Even before Publishing, 2013

When I opened God’s Panoply, I thought I was about to read a heavy theological treatise, but as I continued, I found the book a refreshing read. The author presents a theory and uses biblical quotations, mathematics, literature and fables to prove her premise. She quotes from various translations of the Bible and relies heavily on the Hebrew Bible.
That green is the colour of fairy folk and magic was news to me, as I’d always considered it to represent hope when trees break into life once again. Upon consideration, however, hope does raise one’s spirits, as if by magic.
I’d heard of the manner geese migrate in formation, and can relate with the author’s comparison of that phenomenon with Paul’s letter to the Thessalonians. So too, I have always marvelled at ‘the golden ratio’ and the way ‘this proportion appears everywhere in nature.’
The themes of forgiveness, armour, covenant and the power of words are woven together into a rich tapestry depicting God’s love for us, and, just as Our Lord often taught us in parables, the author teaches us through stories. Her thoughts are profound, yet laden with meaning. The language is lyrical.
E.g. A thousand years ago, a Jewish teaching of the first century emerged from its chrysalis and took full flight into Christendom.
Like a lark ascending, it fills the air with the sweet music of lifting off, lifting up, forgiveness, removal of sin, burden-bearing, helping, supporting, covenant, submission, obedience, oneness. Armour-bearing.
The theme of forgiveness rings a special note to me, and the final words of the author, So put on the armour of God. And remember to lift your face for His kiss, are particularly appealing.
I urge everyone not to be daunted by the title but to spend a few hours meditating on the mysteries revealed in God’s Panoply by Anne Hamilton.


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