Book Review: Though the Bud be Bruised by Jo Wanmer

Publisher: Even Before Publishing

Though the Bud be Bruised by Jo Wanmer is a powerful story based on fact. Written mainly from the mother’s point-of-view, the story unfolds, exposing gross indecency, paedophilia and the lesser-known concept of Christian witchcraft.

The book is not simply a tale of sexual abuse, but a poignant description of the family’s struggle to cope with the aftermath of the crime. The perpetrator of the evil had persuaded his victim to lay the blame of his actions on her father. The parents, Sam and Zara, suffer – each in their own way. Sam agonizes over the loss of his daughter’s love and respect. Zara blames herself for what her child has undergone, and struggles to retain her faith in God.

The author handles a difficult subject with great skill. The opening chapters gripped my attention and, as the story progressed, my sympathy went out to the family, wrenching my heart.

The victim’s constant tantrums and long drawn-out hospital stays may tend to be tedious at times, but at the same time, it portrays the hardships and sacrifices, the patience and despair undergone by the whole family. Their trials become too strong to bear. As a consequence, Sam and Zara lose their faith.

The story is based on fact. I leave the reader to find out, for themselves, the outcome of the suffering endured by the family.

Though the Bud be Bruised teaches us to be aware of the evil that all children could someday face, and is highly recommended to all parents both as a preventative of evil and as a path to healing.


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