Author Talk 23rd Feb 2018

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My grateful thanks to Maria from the Victoria Point Library, my MC,  Jane and all the staff from the Victoria Point library for taking such lovely photos and promoting my Author Talk.



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6 responses to “Author Talk 23rd Feb 2018

  1. You continue to amaze me, Hazel, and you deserve all the success you can get. Well done. Love, Sara


  2. Thank you Sara. Lovely to read your comments. When you get to the library, do borrow a copy of my latest book. Love, Hazel


  3. I wish I could have been there Hazel. I’m glad the talk went well.


  4. Thanks a million, Robyn. I thought you lived on the Sunshine Coast. I don’t think the Tweed has any of my books but I do hope they’ll buy some of my books for the library. My books are available from Koorong Book Stores as well as postage free from the Book Depositary.


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