The Chindits

The Chindits were an International Force that included servicemen from British and Indian Brigades, Burma Rifles, Hong Kong Volunteers, Gurkhas and West Africans. In 1942, when the Japanese invaded Burma, the British War Office offered the services of Lieutenant-Colonel Orde Wingate, DSO, to General Wavell, Commander-in-Chief India. Wingate had successfully carried out guerrilla operations in Palestine and Abyssinia. He was a relative of Lawrence of Arabia, to whom he bore a strong resemblance.

There were two Chindit expeditions into Burma, the first in February 1943, and the second in March 1944. Of the three thousand men who entered Burma in 1943, only two thousand one hundred and eighty-two returned. Of these only six hundred were fit for further active service, but the two Chindit expeditions had diverted six to eight Japanese divisions from other operations.Chindit badge

Chindit Badge

These brave men took part in the offensive to re-gain Burma in 1945.


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  1. sarasutherland2014Sara Sutherland

    Well, now I know what Chindits were…Thanks, Hazel.

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