Writing Memoirs

Writing Memoirs by Kathy Stewart

Author’s Blurb Learn how to find your ancestor, build a family tree, do a family search and leave a legacy of your life for your descendants via a well-written and interesting life story. Learn the craft of writing plus useful tips on how to writ a family history that is both compelling and entertaining from editor, Kathy Stewart, who has worked on memoirs and autobiographies since 2004.

Review by Hazel Barker

Writing Memoirs illustrates the researching process, and points out the pitfalls to avoid. The author shows how to begin writing, explains the pros and cons of each point of view, and guides the reader through the writing process until they finish with a polished memoir.

Each chapter ends with writing exercises to prepare one before commencing to write. The book is thoroughly researched, and covers every aspect of the subject.

Had I read Writing Memoirs before embarking on my memoir, Heaven Tempers the Wind, it would have saved me endless time and worry. I recommend this treasure-trove by Kathy Stewart to all would-be memoir writers.


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5 responses to “Writing Memoirs

  1. This sounds very interesting, Hazel and I will definitely look for Kathy Stewart’s book. Thank you for telling me about it. Sara

  2. How I wish I could read some more of your books, but I’m very gratful for what you sent me. Irene

  3. Hi Hazel. Do you review memoirs?

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