Toowoomba Writers’ Festival Literary Prize

Hello Friends,

Just to let you know that I’ve been shortlisted for the Toowoomba Writers’ Festival Literary Prize. Below is the shortlist:

Toowoomba Writers’ Festival Literary Prize Short list for Short Fiction for 2015 1. The Bracelet Ray Jones 2. A Fresh Start Jenny Meehan 3. Lost Memory Christine Johnson 4. Marooned David Rumsey 5.The Long Winding Road Judy Turner 6. Running on the Fence Judy Tait 7. Autumn in the Orchard Stephen Smithyman 8. The Princess of Hyderabad Nola Passmore 9. Fault Lines Meg McNaught 10. This Wild Stretch of Ocean Pamela Jeffs 11. Paper Mache Hearts Maree Gallop 12. Short Fuse Fran Collings 13. Lost and Found Beth Wilkins 14. Step Barbara McKenzie 15. Our Taxi Experience Lindsay Harris 16. The Derelict Hazel Barker 17. You Shall Cross the Barren Desert Carmel Lillis 18. Taken not Forgotten Peter Fitzgerald 19. Green is the Colour Kathleen Stewart 20. The Rush of Wings Vashti Farrer 21. Decisions Kerry Lowen Whalen


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11 responses to “Toowoomba Writers’ Festival Literary Prize

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  2. Congratulations, Hazel! So thrilled for you and all the very best with the final place.

  3. Congratulations Hazel!

  4. Wonderful news, Hazel, it isn’t easy to get shortlisted for anything these days, so lots of congratulations! Sara

  5. Terry Kirk

    Well done Hazel, you are a star in waiting. Inge & Terry. U.K.

  6. Peter Fitzgerald

    Congratulations Hazel. I thoroughly appreciated and enjoyed your deep and meaningful story. A fine effort.
    From Number 18 Toowoomba Writer’s Festival 2015.

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