Review of God’s Pagentry by Anne Hamilton

God’s Pageantry: The Threshold of Guardians and the Covenant Defender by Anne Hamilton, Armour Books, 2015
God’s Pageantry is Part 3 of a series, and follows on from God’s Panoply. The book opens with examples of name covenants and goes on to elaborate on threshold covenants. There are many interesting true anecdotes of people peppered throughout the writing to illustrate the author’s points.
Anne Hamilton has read widely, and painstakingly delves into the meaning of names. To strengthen her case, she quotes from various sources, both biblical and modern. One of the examples given is the time when Christ changed Simon’s name to ‘Cephas’. In Chapter One, her mother says. ‘Is it possible that the people and places in Scripture were named after the event, not before?’ (God’s Pageantry, Page 36)
I agree with her. The name changes of Simon to Peter, of Abram to Abraham and Saul to Paul, were all made long after their birth, at a critical time in their lives.
I concur with with Anne when she writes, ‘He has plans for us which go back to before we were born, but He won’t force us to follow Him.’ (God’s Pageantry, Page 61) and also when she says that a recurring dream is God speaking directly to you about your destiny. (God’s pageantry, Page 58) I had the same experience one day at the turning point of my life.
Despite my not being in total agreement with the author, I think her final advice, ‘Ask the Holy Spirit to tell you what you’ve overlooked and to seal God’s work of redemption in you,’ is excellent counsel. (God’s Pageantry, Page 182)
Like many teachers, the author tends to repeat the lessons she taught in her previous book, God’s Panoply. It reinforces her argument, but may tend to bore the reader.
In conclusion, I suggest that the endnotes at the close of the book should also be perused as they contain useful explanations of profound theological statements.
Review by Hazel Barker


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4 responses to “Review of God’s Pagentry by Anne Hamilton

  1. judy Rogers

    Hi Hazel, Hope all is well. I haven’t seen you for ages. Are you joining OMEGA this year? Simon is doing an amazing job as President and I am now secretary. It’s a bit daunting with having to keep the register and membership spread sheets on the net etc. but I am learning heaps. I am contacting everyone who has not renewed – as we know it’s easy to put it off and then forget. From now to December, half year – membership will be $30 instead of $52. We are still meeting on the first Sunday of the month, In August Lyn is telling us about her work lecturing on the cruise lines. It should be very interesting. Hope you can come. I’d love to catch up. Love, JUDY

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    • Hi Judy,
      So glad to hear from you. There must be some mistake because I am still a member of Omega as I paid my fees through Annie. Please check with her. I haven’t been attending the meetings as I haven’t been too well. Am a bit better now. Hope to be there in August. Love, Hazel

  2. Not my sort of book, Hazel, but you have written an honest and interesting review and you obviously know the subject. Well done. Sara

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