Mt. Warning National Park, N.S.W.

The mountain

Mt. Warning

Mt. Warning

The mountain was named by Captain Cook to warn future mariners of the offshore reefs he encountered in May 1770.

Reserved for public recreation in 1928, Mount Warning was dedicated as a national park in 1966.

Among the multitude of tree species are giant stinging trees, figs, booyongs, carabeens, brush box, and flame trees. Many threatened plant species are found here.

A variety of birds, mammals and reptiles may be seen by the observant walker in Mount Warning National Park. Birds are abundant, over 100 species have been recorded, including the rare and endangered rufous scrub-bird, wompoo pigeon, marbled frogmouth, and Albert’s lyrebird.


Winding upwards from the Breakfast Creek parking area is the Mount Warning Summit Track, which passes through a variety of vegetation communities. After a final rock scramble the track emerges to 360 degree views reaching every distant horizon.

Duration: 4-5 hr return.

Degree of difficulty: Strenuous.

Track condition: Steep and rocky in parts. Winter warning: Not advisable to undertake the walk after 2 pm in winter, as darkness on the return can lead to people becoming lost.


A shorter walk catering for the less energetic, the Lyrebird Track crosses Breakfast Creek before winding some 200 m through palm forest to a platform set amongst the lush subtropical rainforest.


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  1. HI Hazel, I tried to leave a comment, but it didn’t work. I congratulated you for tackling this mountain, which I hear is very difficult, but extremely beautiful. You are very adventurous! Cheers, Sara

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