Review of Distance by Nene Davies

Distance by Nene Davies Publishing, 2013
Authors’s Blurb
Forty-year-old Welsh mum Isobel Richardson can cope with most things: her husband’s redundancy, a shortage of money, three spirited kids and a demanding old house. She sees the loss of Leo’s job as a chance for new beginnings and her drive and determination propel the family towards a sparkling new life in Australia. Isobel’s mother Helen, however, is devastated. Cold and unsupportive, she rejects Isobel’s invitation to join in the family adventure and throws the guilt card firmly down on the table. When the family lands in Oz and the longed-for dream unfolds, unbearable guilt at leaving a broken Helen behind is compounded by the pain of missing absent son Ben – and all the while Mother Nature is hatching some plans of her own. Has the great Australian dream really eluded her after all?
Review by Hazel Barker
The book, Distance by Nene Davies is the first in a series of women’s contemporary fiction, a genre I don’t usually read, as my preferences lie in historical novels and memoirs.
The author uses her outsider’s perspective as a migrant to illustrate the world around her, placing the reader where the scene is set. She does a solid job with the setting with her lush descriptions of the various surroundings. The story moves along with the occasional domestic scenes, but the pace quickens and builds up with the promise of a brighter future. The sparse, terse prose is lightened with similes, and culminates in a surprising and satisfying climax.
The protagonist’s motivations and feelings drive the story forward. Readers will anticipate reading its sequel, Further.

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  1. Thank you Hazel. I’m so pleased you enjoyed the story.

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