Crucifix Orchids

Crucifix Orchids

Crucifix Orchids

The common “crucifix” orchids, such as Epidendrum ibaguense, are terrestrial species with reed-like stems and many aerial roots. They have long, thin stems and leathery leaves. The reed-stemmed species are propagated by removing pieces with aerial roots and growing them on, while the smaller species are divided. The flowers bloom in clusters, with up to 20 flowers open on a stem at once. They come in orange, red, mauve, purple, salmon and yellow.
Plant in a bright position and water and feed well while actively growing and flowering.
The majority of species in this genus are epiphytes and lithophytes. The epiphytes, often have much shorter stems than the epidendrums.
The common name ‘crucifix orchid’ refers to the lip of the flower (called the labellum), which resembles a small, gold cross. Crucifix orchids are tough, easy to grow, easily propagated and have vivid, long lasting flowers. In fact, they are an excellent beginner’s orchid.
They can be grown in containers in a free-draining mix, amongst rocks in the garden, or in soil. They like a frost-free climate and flower best in a full sun position.

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